Rent a safe and stable suspended working platform from SkyJacks, South Africa’s sole distributor of the trusted Sky Climber® systems. Working at height can be safe and productive with SkyJacks’ full range of hoists, platforms and safety devices.

SkyJacks has been supplying suspended access platforms to Southern Africa for over forty years. Fast to install and easy to operate, SkyJacks suspended platforms are an economic and safe access solution for contractors.

Also known as swing scaffolds, hanging platforms, swing stages, gondolas and cradles, we have designed, fabricated and installed suspended platforms in mine shafts, power station boilers, bridges, smoke stacks, industrial plants and on virtually every type of commercial building.

We offer:

  • Hire of electric, air or manual hoists and lightweight platforms.
  • Design and manufacture of custom Temporary Suspended Platforms (TSP’s)
  • Installation, moving and dismantling of TSP’s.
  • Supply of operators.
  • Various suspension systems including parapet clamps, counterweights, monorails, trestles and tank hooks.

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