Hire Equipment

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  1. Hiring provides your business with flexibility allowing you to hire for the short, medium and long-term. Our experienced sales team will assist you in selecting the right equipment for the job.
  2. You get the equipment you want, when you want it secure in the knowledge that they have been cleaned, serviced and tested. Our field service technicians are able to undertake on-site repairs further reducing your costs.
  3. Because the fleet is not used all the time hiring from SkyJacks helps to free up capital to be used where it is most needed. Hiring provides you with the equipment on demand and you don’t have to find storage facilities when you’re not using them.
  4. Working at height is a safety critical activity and we make sure that our equipment complies with all applicable regulations. All our equipment is load tested and safety checks are performed before each delivery.
  5. You may already own equipment but when business enters peak demand and you find yourself needing extra equipment to keep up with the increased work flow it makes sense to hire from SkyJacks instead of tying up capital for what may be a relatively short hire period.
  6. Renting equipment with operators even allows you to optimize staff costs.