A good equipment supplier is your technical partner when it comes to matching the right equipment for your job site productivity. At SkyJacks we want to provide you with the optimum mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) solution that will give you the best balance of drive performance, cost, energy efficiency, and availability.

To do this we want to work together with you to understand and deliver the right equipment specification for you. Here is a checklist of questions that we would be asking you when you rent a MEWP from SkyJacks.


  • What type of work will the equipment be doing?
  • How high do you need to reach or work?
  • How long will the equipment be required?


  • Are you working on a single site or multiple sites?
  • Which power source will best suit the location?
  • Are there noise or emission considerations at your site?
  • Are there obstacles on the worksite that will have to be traversed?
  • Will machine’s chassis size and manoeuvrability be a constraint?
  • Are there any other unusual conditions on the job site such as gradients?


  • How many people need to be on the platform at once?
  • What is your operators’ level of training and experience on MEWPS?
  • Should your operator attend competency training?

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