Temporary Suspended Platforms

SkyJacks supplies quality hoists, rigging systems and work platforms. We’ve been a proud partner of Sky Climber®, since 1978 and after four decades we are the only Southern African distributor of their world-renowned Alpha and Compact hoists.

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Picture7Alpha 500/800 – Industry Leader

The Alpha hoist series has often been referred to as simply the best hoist ever made in the powered suspended access business. The Alpha series boasts a unique traction mechanism which allows the wire rope to enter without friction and then squeezes the rope with equally distributed pressure over 360° to attain the lifting traction.

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Compact 400 – Easy to Handle Lightweight Hoist

The Compact 400 is your ideal partner on every jobsite where ease of operation and mounting speed are important. Its’ self-weight of only 40kg and the sleek design allows it to fit through a manhole as small as 46cm and can lift loads up to 400kg.

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Work Platforms

We manufacture a range of lightweight platforms between 1m and 12m in length. We can also design and fabricate special application platforms to meet the specific requirements of your project. This includes crane baskets, round platforms, square platforms, multi-tier platforms and one or two man work cages.



Picture7Sky Lock and Sky Grip Fall Arrest Safety Devices

The Sky Lock is a fall arrest safety device that detects over-speed. The Sky Lock, available for 8 mm, 9 mm and 10.2 mm steel wire ropes, is used in combination with our Sky Climber hoists and acts on the secondary safety rope. The Sky Grip is a breakthrough in the field of safety brake devices as it not only senses slack rope, but also functions as a mechanical anti-tilting device. Installed on a platform with two hoists, the Sky Grip covers the risk of failure of the suspension rope, no load condition of the suspension rope and an inclination of the platform of more than 12 degrees.