Going to Great Depths for Mine Safety

Gold One’s Modder East gold mine is situated on the East Rand approximately 30km’s from Johannesburg.

This custom mine service platform and headgear suspension system was designed and installed by SkyJacks to give the mine to access the 350m deep vent shaft to carry out repairs and replace pipes in the shaft.

The 4m diameter platform was suspended from a custom designed 6m x 9m x 4m high headgear structure and was powered by six Alpha 800 hoists. In addition to the main platform, a 1.7m dia. man riding cage was also installed to transport mine personnel from the surface to the main platform. This secondary platform powered four Alpha 800 hoists. All hoists were surface mounted with electric wire rope winders bolted onto the headgear to avoid possible damage being caused to the wire ropes tailing down the mine shaft. A special feature of the design was that the platform needed to accommodate a strong up draft in the shaft.

After initial installation SkyJacks provided a TSP Supervisor to carry out the daily inspections and ensure that the platform was operating safely as well as personnel to operate the platforms on behalf of the mine.

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